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What is DTF Transfer Printing?

DTF Transfer Printing or Direct to film (DTF) printing is a new and unique printing tech that involves digitally printing designs onto special films for transfer onto garments (custom T-shirts, hoodies, etc.). DTF printing is a heat based transfer process that can last as long (or even longer) than traditional silkscreen prints. 

You can read more around DTF printing here.

Get Started

First, create your artwork.

Using your prefered designer, create a 13 x 19 canvas

Arrange your images at your desired size/sizes and gang them up on the canvas.

Save as a 300dpi transparent png. (No Background)

Next, upload your png image here.

Click “Upload My Artwork”

Next, click the “Submit Print Ready FIles” to select your file(s)*

Then click the “Upload” button to upload your file(s)

Finally, select “Add to Cart” to proceed to checkout.

Applying Our DTF Transfers


Heat Press to 315 to 325 or recommended by apparel manufacturer to prevent scorching

Position transfer in desired location 

Press 12 – 15 seconds for the first press using cover sheet

Remove cover sheet and press for a 5 – 8 second finish press using craft paper or texture canvas.

Let cool and peel off transfer paper

Things you need to know about DTF Transfer Printing:

  1. File Formats Allowed:  .png (with transparent background)
  2. All artwork must be created in CMYK, if created in RGB the Colors may not match your artwork if created in RBG.  and we will not be responsible.
  3. DO NOT flip or mirror your designs.  They will be printed backwards.
  4. Do not include any special characters in your file name(s). Only letters, numbers, dash and underscore are allowed in the filename.

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